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    It was like a gnawing in the pit of my stomach – something was missing. I began to build my personality around this feeling of lack, thinking I needed to defend or hold onto what little I had. I defended my beliefs, my opinions, my money, my relationships. Without them, I had no idea who I really was - AND THAT'S HOW I FELT IN MY EARLY THIRTIES.

    Luckily for me, around that time, I woke up -

    or, to put it more bluntly, I was cracked open!

    I needed to be cracked open, because, even though I was trying so desperately to be happy, I didn't realise that my mind, my beliefs - and the stories I was telling myself - were all part of the problem!

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    The Universe got my attention on more than one occasion - because I was a slow learner! These times included :

    • a motorcycle accident where I had the tunnel experience of near-death, which you can read about in "The Possibility Exists."

    • a complete psychological meltdown due to stress.

    • a separation, divorce and single parenthood which left me questioning myuself and everything I believed in.

    • an incredibly powerful enlightenment experience.

    • a period in intensive care when I wasn't sure if I would ever walk out of it.

    When I finally learned to stop seeking for "happiness" outside of myself - in things, relationships, possessions and all of that - my journey began.
    After those serious wake-up calls, along with my powerful near-death experience, I began to doubt my own propaganda.

    • Did I really have a high IQ?
    • Was it intelligent to think so negatively about myself?
    • Was it intelligent to be cut off from my emotional world?
    • Was it intelligent to drink seven coffees a day?
    • Was it intelligent to do things just to make people like me?
    • Was it intelligent to hate some of my own thoughts?
    • Was it intelligent to think I was bad and defective in some way?
    • Was it intelligent to always avoid conflict even it meant denying my own truth?
    • Was it intelligent to stay in a relationship which wasn't good for me?
    I seemed to lack the basic intelligence of how to care for myself in healthy ways.

    I had no idea what my deep needs were, let alone how to get them met. I had no idea how to love myself. What chance had I then of really loving another? I had no idea how to be happy.

    After many years of counselling, healing, psychotherapy and lots of other strangely wonderful experiences, I realized that I had been missing something really important. I didn't find it overnight but I can honestly say that, over a 15 year period, I did find something. It transformed my whole life - from the inside out. What was it? Simply3 this.

    I learned how to say Hello to ME. All of ME. I learned to open. I learned to sit with pain, mine and others, without trying to fix it.

    I learned all about my defense mechanisms, my projections and my shadow. I learned how to hold - and how to let go. I learned how to set healthy boundaries. I learned to not blame others for being themselves.
    I learned to notice all the energy I was wasting and then I learned how to reclaim it. I learned how to feel all my emotions unconditionally because they were mine. I learned how to be at peace with ALL THAT IS. As all this developed I began to deepen in love with me, then with others, then with life.
    Many teachers and courageous souls accompanied me along the way. The journey has been a revelation, as it is for anyone who begins it.

    Looking back now, over 15 years later, it all seems strangely surreal, as if I'm looking back at a different person in a different life. Back then I was a successful businessman with a great life - according to many people! I had read lots of self-help books and understood the power of positive habits and how to "succeed". The truth, however, was that I lived inside a cocooned idea of who I was. That idea of who I was had been shaped by others.

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    I had no deep connection to my true self. While I had a strong self-image, that's all it was - a self-image - or an "image of self" if you like. It certainly wasn't the real me!

    I had become a master at pretence, hiding my fears and low self-esteem behind a projected outer layer of confidence. My passive-aggressive personality was also hidden away, buried by the internalised belief from my childhood programming: "I don't do conflict - because I'm a good person." I showed everyone how happy I was - and how sure I was of myself and my place in the world. It was too scary and vulnerable to let people see what was really going on.

    I didn’t want to admit to the world that I was full of fear, and that I didn't feel good about me. I didn't want to admit to myself that my life had started to crumble, and that I had started hearing a voice whispering inside me! Listening to that voice was the best thing I've ever done. It was that inner voice that we all have. It whispers things you know to be true, but you ignore them. In my case, it took me by the hand and dragged me, coaxed me, little by little, into having an honest look at myself. It eventually brought me to a place where I found everything I wanted – inside. It was so strange to realize that there was nothing wrong with me.
    About Eoin

    These days, I'm a little wiser. I'm not so interested in my IQ or your IQ -
    but your HQ, Holistic Intelligence,
    is what gets my juices flowing.

    I love to teach and inspire people to be emotionally open, non-attached to their thinking, physically healthy, and fully connected to their own unique spirit.

    Like most of you, I am always changing, creating and co-operating with Divine Intelligence, but right now I am ...

  • a Published Author (The Possibility Exists) ...
    a Holistic Intelligence Teacher ...
    a Director of FreshStart Coaching
    the co-founder and owner of Source Wellbeing Centre
    and - more recently - the co-founder and owner of
    FreshStart University,

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