THE HQ PROCESS is a five month in-depth process designed to awaken you, to nurture you, to challenge you, to support you - and ultimately to help you become whole again.

Each individual progresses with the group as a whole, inviting deeper participation, more authentic experience and the establishment of a common bond as you explore your inner world.

This five-month intensive course is a potent mix of positive psychology, healing, meditation, somatic and experiential work. It inspires organic personal growth simply as a result of your commitment and participation. You will be required to participate as fully as you can, keep a journal and complete the course work given each month.

THE HQ Process
opens a space with you here you can consciously look at your fears, beliefs and patterns of behaviour, allowing you to either repeat what you’ve done before or make a new choice and try something new. For most people trying something new is a little bit scary, but this also tells us that were on the verge of exploring a new dimension.

You will be encouraged to take small risks each month, and to share your experience with the group. A chain reaction tends to start from those early steps. By the end of the course, most people find that, while they look the same on the outside, they have broken through to a deeper freedom and a level of happiness they may never have thought possible.

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HQ Blurb

This 5-Month Course
comprises 3 x Residential Retreat Weekends
and 2 x Retreat Days

  • Monthly Action Steps and Challenges
  • Meditations
  • Written Growthwork
  • Buddy Support System
  • Recommended Reading List
  • Closed Facebook Group
  • Laughter and Fun Too!

  • We will explore:
  • The Ten HQ Directives
  • Power, Fear, Beliefs
  • Love, Truth, Joy
  • Attraction and Manifestation
  • Mindfulness
  • Body Awareness
  • The Chakra System
  • Positive Psychology
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • The Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

  • Folder, Notes and all Course Materials Provided


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HQ will teach you to :
  • Understand and Accept yourself Deeply
  • Make Friends with all your Fears
  • Integrate your Mind Body and Spirit
  • Reclaim your Vibrancy
  • Maximise your Personal Energy
  • Come Home to your True Self
  • End the Struggle with Life
  • Live Mindfully and Purposefully
  • Respond, rather than React
  • Create and Manifest with Ease


All the Retreat Days and Residential Weekends will be held at Dromantine Conference & Retreat Centre, which is located almost halfway between Belfast and Dublin.
Dromantine is a stunning early 19th century house set amidst a 320 acre estate including a beautiful, lake and pleasant walks in colourful woodlands with the Mourne Mountains in the background.
The tranquil, peaceful atmosphere along with the modern accommodation and facilities of Dromantine make this the perfect place to retreat and learn.

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